Playlist 2009

Songs are stories, too, even when there are no words. This was a year of new beginnings, of renewal, the chance to do a little better. Thanks to my friends for all the great music and for all the sweet dances.

A New Beginning, Bare Necessities
The Boatman, Bare Necessities
The Hole In The Wall, Bare Necessities
La Gitana, Jacqueline Schwab
Trad: Dolce De Coco, Yo-Yo Ma, Paquito D' Rivera, Romero Lumbambo
Hable Con Ella, Alberto Iglesias Featuring Vicente Amigo & El Pele
Dongo, Elixir
Bird In The Bush, Elixir
Red Star Line / The Adirondack, Elixir
Brae Reel / Rare / Old B, Elvie Miller & Naomi Morse
Flatworld, Elvie Miller & Naomi Morse
Emma's Waltz , Elvie Miller & Naomi Morse
Bought And Sold, Neko Case
Pretty Polly, Orange Line Special
Polly, Kate Rusby
Young James, Kate Rusby
Singing Bird, Leela & Ellie Grace
Morning Grace, Leela & Ellie Grace
Queen Of The Earth, Child Of The Stars, Leela & Ellie Grace
Waltz Three, Susan Conant
Bonnie at Morn, Susan Conant
Bonny Cuckoo, Bare Necessities
Mad Robin, Bare Necessities
Oft in the Stilly Night, Flow Gently, Sweet Afton, Jacqueline Schwab
Coaineadh Na Dtri Muire (Lament Of The Three Maries), Jeanne Morrill
Glory, Jeanne Morrill
My Images Come, Jeanne Morrill

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