Playlist 2012

Songs are stories, too, even when there are no words. Thanks to my friends for all the great music and for all the sweet dances.

Moon River, Frank Sinatra
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien, Edith Piaf
La Vie En Rose, Edith Piaf
Rose of Sharon, Jacqueline Schwab
My Wild Irish Rose, Keith Jarrett
Mcferrin: Stars, Yo-Yo Ma, Bobby McFerrin
Morricone: The Mission – Gabriel's Oboe, Yo-Yo Ma,
Lately, Aengus Finnan
Black Is The Colour, Aengus Finnan
Mandalay, Jeff Warner
Botany Bay, Kate Rusby
Arthur's Rose, Walt Michael & Company
Helpless, Neil Young
Remember Me, Willie Nelson
Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain, Willie Nelson
Blue Moon With Heartache, Rosanne Cash
Across The Blue Mountains, Suzannah & Georgia Rose
The Collier's Daughter, Schwab/Risk
Mad Robin, Bare Necessities
Bonny Cuckoo, Bare Necessities
Urge for Going, Tom Rush
No Regrets, Tom Rush
A Love Before Time (Mandarin), Tan Dun & Yo-Yo Ma
Bach: Orchestral Suite #3 In D, BWV 1068 – Air, Yo-Yo Ma, Bobby McFerrin
Adagio, Ludwig Spohr, Grande Duo Op. 11
Purcell: King Arthur Or The British Worthy, Wynton Marsalis

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